Part Time Work

Over the last 4 months (since my dance with c0v1d) I’ve been having ongoing health issues. So much so that I can no longer work full time. Of course the bills have to be paid so I find myself looking for alternative modes of operation.

At first I though that freelancing might be the answer but that lacks stability.Some weeks you have income and others you don’t. One might think that a higher hourly rate is the answer but that approach is getting harder and harder to do in such a competitive market. A part time role could be the answer.

Should I consider roles outside my usual PHP Developer safety net? I could be a Linux/BSD sysadmin, social network community guy, cPanel hosting guru, or WordPress site maker. Do these jobs actually exist as part time positions?

Part time roles don’t seem to get advertised often in my area. I don’t know how I’m gonna pull this one off 😒