Gemini’s Killer App

Over the last 6 months I’ve spent a decent amount of time reading gem logs and exploring capsules. I’ve seen many different topics appear on Antenna, including the regular rounds of “Gemini Sucks” or “Gemini is Crap without XYZ”. Most of the time it’s down to some technical thing. They seem to always miss the obvious. Gemini’s killer app isn’t an “app” or a “feature”. It’s “words”.

Plain old fashioned text. Text written by people. Many of us are technical people and it’s easy to fall into trap of “bells and whistles”. Especially if you’re a web applications programmer like I am. We get so distracted about what we did in the http/web universe that we forget that we have everything we need right in front of us.

So lets keep doing what we’re doing with gem text. Every day happenings. Our favorite albums. Programming shenanigans. Movie reviews. Game reviews. Sure we can throw in a link or a couple of pictures too. You know. If you really want to.

The killer app is writing about whatever you’re passionate about. The more passionately we write, the better Gemini gets.