Shoutcast Streaming from the Command Line

One of the challenges I’ve had as the systems administrator for Still Stream is to automate the playback of a recorded show at a particular time. This probably sounds like a straight forward task but most of the current ShoutCast tools seem to be developed around a DJ broadcasting a live show, or the server playing playlists on repeat.

After giving this problem some thought I pinned down some requirements for a basic project:

  • Must be compatible with a ShoutCast v1 streaming server
  • Runnable on my Ubuntu Linux server
  • Streams one mp3 file and then quits
  • The mp3 file is to be specified at the command line
  • Task can be scheduled via cron or at

Researching these utilities wasn’t straight forward so I had to try sc_trans, icegenerator, and ezstream before I settled on liquidsoap. It’s a great all round tool which is highly configurable. Plus it’s included in the Ubuntu package collection.

To get a working set up I started by focusing on an XML file (stillstream.liq) to give liquidsoap its configuration details:

source = playlist.once("/home/innerteapot/Music/stillstream.m3u",                                              on_done={shutdown()} )

output.shoutcast(%mp3, host="",
        name="Still Stream All Ambient",


The second part of the setup is a simple shell script to generate the playlist, stop the autodj, stream the file, and start the autodj again:

if [ "$#" -ne 1 ]                                                                    
    echo "usage: stillstream_broadcast "                               
    exit 1                                                                           
echo "===> Preparing playlist"                                                      
echo `readlink -m "$1"` > /home/innerteapot/Music/stillstream.m3u                    
echo >> /home/innerteapot/Music/stillstream.m3u                                       
echo "===> Streaming"                                                                
curl "" && \ 
echo && \                                                                            
liquidsoap /home/innerteapot/etc/stillstream.liq                                      
curl " /api/?key=secretkey1234567890&action=start" && \

I’m using the readlink command to get the full path to the file. I’ve also thrown in some && operators to ensure that the dj stop command is successfully triggered before liquidsoap attempts to run. The corresponding echo commands are there to improve the output formatting a little. Makes the resulting emails from the at scheduler easier to read.

Invoking using the at command goes something like this:

$ at 10pm                                            
warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh                                     
at> stillstream_broadcast Music/AWE20141122-Nevermore02-128k.mp3                     

So there you have it. Streaming from the command line.

Now I can finally schedule Adventures in Sound 🙂