Bad Movie Night

Everyone loves watching movies with their friends and family, right? Well imagine what those nights would be like if you picked the worst of the worst! Those B movies where you can see the fishing line in every space ship scene. The classic sci-fi flicks with plot holes so big you can drive an SUV through them. Sound terrible?

With the right people, a few beers, and a truck load of snacks, these arguable wastes of DVD plastic can be an absolute riot! Here's a few to get you started:

Conan the Barbarian
Flash Gordon
Shark Attack 3: Megalodon
Titanic 2
Sleepaway Camp

Now remember that it's important not to take Bad Movie Night too seriously. It's mandatory for you to point out every weak plot point and every continuity error that you notice. Throwing sweets/candies at the TV screen can also help. Don't worry too much about talking over the dialogue. This ain't Shakespeare you know 😉


Last Updated: Sun Jan 22 05:36:03 PM AEDT 2023