Behaviour by The Pet Shop Boys

My first and favorite album by the Pet Shop Boys. I still listen to it regularly even all these years later. It's a significant departure from the previous albums. They've really captured that sound of the analog revival in the 90s with some very well crafted pop songs. In later releases they return to their more dance influenced style.


Released    22 October 1990

Recorded    May–June 1990

Studio      Red Deer (Munich)
            Sarm West (London)
            Abbey Road (London)

Genre       Synth-popdance-pop

Length      49:01

Label       Parlophone

Producer    Pet Shop Boys
            Harold Faltermeyer


1.  "Being Boring"              6:49
2.  "This Must Be the Place 
     I Waited Years to Leave"   5:30
3.  "To Face the Truth"         5:33
4.  "How Can You Expect to Be 
     Taken Seriously?"          3:56
5.  "Only the Wind"             4:20
6.  "My October Symphony"       5:18
7.  "So Hard"                   3:58
8.  "Nervously"                 4:06
9.  "The End of the World"      4:43
10. "Jealousy"                  4:48